Infinite backupdisks to CounterDiving and Torchickens on TCRF for this info!

The debug menu is accessed by going to the Title Menu as normal, then,
Open up Memory Viewer in emulator, go to WRAM address corresponding to your situation: Change the value at the address to 02 if you don't have an existing Save, else 03.
For JA version with no existing save set to 03, else 04.

After doing this, the menu will have a glitched extra option selected. Press A.
If it worked, you'll know, sometimes its hard to see the debug option but yeah.

Note: I once accidentally used the Super Gameboy method while playing Game Boy Color and it brought me to a glitched menu with plenty of Japanese text and borders i've never seen anywhere else! It also had a bunch of options for GB Kiss, however trying to replicate it I could not get back to it! If you figure out what it was let me know! I believe there are more debug menus and hidden menus/options in the game for sure!


Test O

Dump Byte Dumps some stats. Not sure what it means but these were my results:
Sirial Probably used for flashing the ROM in the cartridge during testing. Won't do anything if you don't have SPI hooked up to your Game Boy, which I bet you don't.
Irfor testing the infrared sensor.
Battle anime Allows you to view any attack animation
Battle exec Initiates a debug battle with max-stats Robopon
Sound Allows you to play any sound effect or song. Gives you a cute mini-menu below, Busy is for playing music, SE stands for Sound Effect.
remot presumably for testing the IR sensor. Will wait for IR signal and freeze.
Comm Battle For testing 2-player Battles.
Time Two numbers are displayed both initiated at 00. The bottom number is increased by 1 every minute, and the top number is increased by 1 every hour.
Ending plays the credits
64 data does nothing, presumably related to the N64 game that was only available in Japan.
Battle Chara Lets you view all the sprites in the game, also lets you view them in different color palettes, which is pretty neat!
DebugLikely GB Kiss modem-related. Seems to do nothing, just loops through this menu:
Color test setting the background color of the screen. "Blue" is mis-spelled "Bule".

Test Y

Allows you to play any of the 4 mini-games using a max-stats debug Robopon team.

Test S

Test M

There are six options here, Greatest6 to Greatest1. All have the game bring up a "Loading" screen that is notably long, but eventually the game loads what appears to be a predefined save file with data depending on which option was chosen.


Just plays the music for Capri Town.

this is a work in progress, more to come