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Hello, my name is ellie she/her I am an "ex-artist".

  • I run Cybergrunge.net, an online multimedia service
  • Coding stuff; javascript, php, C
  • Make music as LickNand
  • I build Synthesizers, circuit bending
  • schizo futanari, Taoist, disabled, Oldfag, GNU/Linux Fan
  • My distro: Antix; DE: XFCE; hw: Thinkpads x220, x230

    Discord: Ponkotsu-Ellie#9307
    Matrix: @elucidated:matrix.org
    Email: ellie@@cybergrunge..net
    Instagram ponkotsu_ellie
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    The text "cadence now!" on a purple background. There is a moon-shaped logo on the left side and a tiny star in the bottom right.

    i have added, january 2024:

    I have made two Gameboy Games/demos on itch.io



    Projects, Apps, & Tutorials

    my Robopon fan site!!!
    • Cybergrunge.net
    • Ugly Theme Generator
    • Random Art Generator
      i style="line-height:1.5;">cg-sprite-editor
    • bettercamp
    • cg-paint

    Tutorials & Info

    My Favorite Music!!!

    !!! Pinnochiop !!!
    i don't know much vocaloid artists but, pinnochiop instantly hooked me with awesome videos and genius lyrics.

    Incesticide i love the almost thrash metal /hardcore parts at certain points and the whole thing is worth it just for Hairspray Queen, the best track.

    Songs For Swinging Larvae by Renaldo and the Loaf. one of the best proto-Residents weirdo dadaist/surrealist/noise/music albums ever made for sure.

    Soft Channel by Giant Claw. unrelated but, i was into vaporwave way before any of these fucking posers... this album fucking rules and i have cried to it countless times, beautiful.

    Rudolf Eber, one of the most inspiring performance artists and noise artists to me. Body horror, masochism, deformity, PAIN, very COOL!!! been a fan since i was a teenager

    Blog/Diary crap

    various stuff i write. painfully personal sometimes. rambling aimlessly other times. sometimes lucid and succinct.

    Buffalo '66, Tropes, Individualism

    About My Stagefright

    Being Aro, Futa, Poly, etc

    Four Poems

    On Wholeness and Partiality

    Bullshit / Hate You

    About Mending

    The Artist: Narcissist Fool

    Reviews for 4 albums

    bucket list.

    Noise, Music, etc...

    Categories and Names

    Coin Flip

    Hate Magic Curses

    My Poor Understanding

    "No X is better than Bad X"

    Why Are We Such Snobs About Music?

    Mono No Aware, Wabi-sabi

    My Linux Journey

    my stupid autobiography

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