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Hello, my name is ellie she/her I am an outsider multimedia "ex-artist"

  • I build Synthesizers, do circuit bending, sculptures/assemblages out of e-waste.
  • Coding stuff; javascript, php, C
  • Make music as LickNand, Relive, Suspicion, and others... i've made over 200 albums
  • I run Cybergrunge.net, an online multimedia service

    Discord: Ponkotsu-Ellie#9307
    Matrix: @elucidated:matrix.org
    Email: ellie@@cybergrunge..net

    Null Webring Navigation:

    my Robopon fan site!!!

    Some apps i've made:

    • Ugly Theme Generator
    • Random Art Generator
    • aitextgen Oracle
    • cg-sprite-editor
    • Free-Associator
    • bettercamp
    • cg-paint
    • VST Plugins

    about me ↴ (click to big)

    wow... you actually want to know more about me? That is so sweet of you.
    • Computer:
    • Operating System:
    • Text Editor:
    • DAW:
    • Window Manager:
    • Colors:
    • Scents:
    • Flavors:
    • Games:
    • File Manager:
    • Things I Like (:
    • Things I Don't Like ):


    On Wholeness and Partiality
    Bullshit / Hate You
                  reflections from august 2022.
    About Mending
                  reflections from august 2022.
    Ellie reviews her own music - i've decided to do some "reviews" or reflections on music that i have made.
    Outsider Electronics Notes
                 various notes from many years of tearing apart electronic junk.
    Circuit Bending
                 My best attempt at a thorough introduction to circuit bending.
    My Linux Journey
                 Some writing about switching to linux, the good and the bad...
    VPS SSL Cert Tutorial
                  setting up TLS on a debian vps
    Producing Music Tips & Theory
                  sharing some of my knowledge for music production over the years.
    Make A Distortion Pedal for free
                 Free or very close to it - make a boutique fuzz pedal with scrap components!
    Build A $5 Synthesizer
                  ..,or free if you know what to scrap hex inverter chips out of :)
    The Artist: A Narcissist Fool
                  angsty diatribe

    MY HYPERLINK DIRECTORY curation > algorithms

    (kinda) Recent Writing:

  • buttons i made: 😤

    The text "cadence now!" on a purple background. There is a moon-shaped logo on the left side and a tiny star in the bottom right.an 88x31 button that says 'the Yesterweb' beside two Discord logos